Just wanted to thank you all. My anons and everyone who liked/replied to my last post. Your kindness always makes it better. I’m so grateful for you and your words :). Everything went okay, I got home yesterday and slept the rest of it. 

Anonymous said:
Wow Deby your new theme is just stunning!I love everything about it and I love your blog and your edits and you and aw!I wish you the most amazing Easter in the world! :) xx

gbkjfkgjdbfkgjdbfkg sweetie! what a cute message! thank youuu! i'm so glad you enjoy it. it was about i changed it! the last one was boring me. ugh why is it so complicated for me to find something i like lol ? it always takes me ages xD anyway. i wish you one incredible Easter too bb. take care of you ♥

Hello dearies! Thank you, all of you for incredibly nice messages. You are always so wonderful to me i just… I hope you realize how helpful and supportive you are. I LOVE YOU guys. As for the icons, I do take requests if it has something to do with a fandom i'm involved with. I wouldn't feel comfortable editing something I don’t know. And yes, I can try to make some Elena/Katherine icons.

Anonymous said:
hey! sorry to bother you, but could you tell me which psd you used on this graphic? /post/80611578467 it's gorgeous btw! thanks!

oh my! anon i'm so sorry, your message got lost in between others and i only saw it now! the coloring is like a very BASIC one, just curves and contrasts (some selective colors too). i didn’t even save it cause it’s just something i do before i start my graphics. the rest, i mean the colors on her face is only due to “make-up” haha. what i mean by make-up is that i use layers, set them on soft-light, sometimes product (but you will not have the same effect), pick a color and paint her face, hair, lips, etc… i actually made a little tutorial about it last week. i'm not sure it's very helpful but it’s/was the best i could do. the reste is due to textures. i wish i could help you more but there isn’t some kind of magic psd. this is the result of a long process xD at least for me.

have a nice day ;)