aperfectline replied to your post: Deby, what did you think of the finale ???
that’s how triangles work, meng. :/

i tend to disagree. until now all they’ve done was to explore the stelena side one. yes we got two delena kisses and damon’s in love with her, elena cares about him but if they don’t give it a chance, if they don’t let them have a relationship … idk. i guess it was fine until now, but now it’s back to stelena again. i mean come on. we had two season full of them. i thought it would be time for them to explore the DE side of it. that’s how a love triangle is supposed to work, but that’s just my opinion. 

  1. aperfectline said: idk, i’m so used to triangles being dragged out it’s not even phasing me. plus, this is a game changer. if anything DE and SE are now more evenly matched than they were before. but that’s just how i see it, i guess.
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